Amidst the increasing security concerns in today’s world, technology is making parallel jumps to ensure the same. Surveillance is extensively used at different levels varying from house, office, public places and for other multiple reasons. 3VR surveillance is available with its utmost advantageous technology in surveillance gadgets and software. Surveillance encompasses various types and demands outstanding technology to catch the details to maintain an eye over something.

3VR surveillance, a renowned name in the world of technology has brought different up gradations in software and surveillance instruments to take the maintenance of security to another level. Security personnel, management at workplace and government can make a wise decision to choose the 3VR surveillance products and services


What is offered by 3VR Surveillance?
• Facial Surveillance surveillance offers an extensive level of doing surveillance with a unique system of mounting camera to maintain surveillance over the faces of people. Such useful evolution is possible with the help of wisely designed structure of facial surveillance and extremely good camera quality. In the facial surveillance system, proper measurements of lighting, focus and angles are maintained to catch every minute detail of face.
• Instant Face Recognition: With the help of appealing and useful facial surveillance technology offered by 3VR, it becomes very easy to recognize the faces. It doesn’t involve any long process of magnifying or enlarge the faces to recognize them. The upgraded technique of camera mounting and high resolution of camera lens makes it all possible to catch the criminal.
• Video Recorders: 3VR provides remarkable range of video recorders used for the process of surveillance. The video recorders have immense high quality of video and huge space to store the video as much as you can. They are easy to use and equally easy to connect to cameras from any complicated site.
• Alarm Alert: 3VR surveillance has the most interesting feature of surveillance facility is to send notification whenever somebody will interfere in your security system through alarm signal. You can adjust the alarm settings as per your convenience.
• Camera Mounting Techniques: Apart from the superb technology and instruments, 3VR provides a smart way of mounting camera to catch the details. There are different levels on which camera can be placed with such angle that it can easily see even the number of car very clearly.
Why you should choose 3VR surveillance?
• Licensed: 3VR offers all the services and product which you can choose to buy without a second thought as it is an authorized dealer. You can pass the blame on the company for any flaw in the product and assurance of the better product is given.
• Cost Effective: 3VR is absolutely in your pocket; extremely upgraded technology with its advanced features will be available to you at reasonable price. Once you buy the product, after using it you will feel satisfied on the spent amount with its most advantageous services.
• Latest Technology: The technology provided by 3VR is beyond what you can expect and imagine and will be available at your door easily.