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Today the world is engulfed in the web of criminals and it is the constant fear of becoming the victim in their hands by everyone. Technology has gifted the incredible weapon to deal with criminals and maintain our security. And the weapon is surveillance system using cameras. We are not aware of when criminal minds can attack us and therefore Digitech Solutions,Inc. provides its exceptional and outstanding service of the surveillance system.

Earlier only few areas such as public places or official workplace were used to equip  with a surveillance system. But Digitech Solutions,Inc.  provide an unbelievable service by  using surveillance system anywhere and that is very easily without any complicated set-up. It embodies an entire set up of video baby monitors, cameras for security, digital video recording, CCTV monitors, night vision facility, and supply of power. This gives an easy and quick method of surveillance which you can control from anywhere and anytime without the need of technicians.

Why our Surveillance Services are the best for Security?

  • Technological Advanced Cameras: The cameras offered by us for surveillance are highly technologically advanced with extremely high resolution and automatic adjustment of light. Generally we see very unclear and dark images in surveillance cameras but our cameras provides clear picture with high mega pixel and balance of lighting with right exposure and back lighting.
  • Flexible Moving Cameras: We provide cameras which have flexible neck to take view of every side and every corner. It doesn’t allow the criminal to make any move under the nose of our surveillance camera. You can place these cameras in any positions like horizontal, vertical, upward face, downward face. This flexibility allows you to get every detail captured from every angle.
  • Facial Surveillance: We have special features in our camera for facial surveillance that extremely helps in criminal cases. It is called Face Capture Optimization which gives accurate details of face captured in camera. It gives detail according to the distance of face from camera and location of camera mounting.
  • Quality Video Production: The final product of video production is extremely worthy; it uses the combination of number of analog and IP cameras. It is easily used to integrate with different external systems like POS, ATM, Access Control, and Teller. It has huge storage capacity and along with video production, it has an adequate audio system too.

Incentives of Hiring our Surveillance Services

  • Easy Streaming: The best part of our surveillance services is that you can stream the captured footage on any device whether it is your PC, laptop, tablet and so on. With the help of our cloud services you can stream the video any time and sitting anywhere in the world and it will also store the data as backup.
  • Better Control: Our surveillance services are so easy to operate that you don’t need to rely on any technician, you can take care of your safety on your own.
  • Fair Price: Our Company offer superior technological surveillance services at every reasonable and fair price.
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